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In December of 2009, SLCRN was formed to serve hard-hit businesses in the St. Louis construction community. At its inception, SLCRN was intended to serve as a forum for people in the greater St. Louis construction industry to network, gain and give referrals and gain valuable industry related information. We how have we done? NETWORKING Since its formation, SLCRN, which has grown to nearly 2,000 members, has put on five tremendous networking events, which were attended by over 150 people each. The events featured an area political, construction or economic leader. More recently, people have begun getting together in other capacities for happy hours, etc. REFERRALS The Discussion Page has been filled with people looking for certain contractors, trades or material suppliers. In addition to this, many jobs have been posted. Companies have gained referrals and individuals have found employment as a result of these postings. INDUSTRY RELATED INFORMATION Numerous articles have been contributed on a variety of topics relevant to those in the industry. There have also been many helpful news articles and informative discussions shared with members. Based on the foregoing, I am certain that being a member of SLCRN has been worth the cost of membership (which is free). Thank you again for your continued involvement and support.

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